Meet The Horses

Very calm, trustworthy and each has a heart of gold.

Meet our team of horses, each with a heart of gold. They're ready to saddle up and take you on an enjoyable and memorable horseback riding adventure! So, bring your family and friends, that special someone, have a horseback birthday celebration, or bring the students for a field trip and meet our friendly horses.

Billy Jack Trail Horse

Billy Jack

21 year old Standardbred. Was a Sulkey Racer early in his life but has been a trail horse for many years.



Cheyenne is a 18 year old, Spotted Saddle Horse. She is gaited and is a very smooth ride. She comes out of a Tennessee Walking Horse Training barn.



Cooper is a 14 year old, 15.3 hand Kentucky Mountain Horse with a very smooth gait. Cooper has a lot of personality and is a great trail horse - who loves his job.



Gypsy is a 17 year old Tennessee Walker gave up motherhood after foaling our horse Maverick and is one of our best kids trail horses.



Lilly is a 14 year old, 15 hand Tennessee Walking Horse. She is a very intelligent girl and full of energy. Lilly is mainly used as our guide horse.



Maverick- 12 year old Tennessee Walker, and son of our horse Gypsy.  We broke and trained him at 2 years old. He is an exceptional trail horse. Maverick is 17 hands tall.

Ready for a horseback riding adventure?

Join us for an adventure of Horseback Trail Rides and Good Family Fun. Located in Indian Trail, NC we're just a little ways down the road from Charlotte. Round up your posse, head on down, and get your Cowboy on for a day of riding horseback.

For Reservations, please call: (704) 992-1550

Black Jack the horse

Black Jack

16 year old Quarter Horse - Black Jack has a friendly, kind soul and has been a trail horse his whole life.



Charli is a 20 month old champion blood line Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She is in training now and will be ready to move into our trail horse line up this summer. Say hey to Charli next time you visit.



Ginger is an 18 year old American Quarter Horse. She is on of our lesson horses as well as a trail horse. Ginger is also one of our most reliable horses and great for first time riders.



J.B is a 12 year old Belgian Draft Horse. 19 hands 2100 lbs. Prior to coming to Country Time Equestrian Events, he was a working horse on an Amish Farm in Ohio. He has adjusted well into our trail line up from the first day he arrived.

Macy the horse


Macy is a 17 year old Belgian. She worked on an Amish farm her entire life until she came to us 6 months ago. She is an amazing trail trail horse.

Willie the horse


17 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. Willie was a former show horse.

We care deeply about our four-legged friends.

The care and well-being of our horses is a serious matter to us. A veterinarian visits regularly to monitor and keep a close watch for any signs of abnormal behavior that would alert us of health issues. 

Questions? Let us know.

Have a question or special request? Curious about horseback riding or need to contact us? Are you ready to schedule a horseback adventure?

Let us know. We’d love to hear from you!