Meet The Horses

Very calm, trustworthy and each has a heart of gold.

Meet our team of horses, each with a heart of gold. They're ready to saddle up and take you on an enjoyable and memorable horseback riding adventure! So, bring your family and friends, that special someone, have a horseback birthday celebration, or bring the students for a field trip and meet our friendly horses.

Abby Trail Horse


Abbey is a 16 year old percheron worked on an Amish farm most of her life now a trail horse

Black Jack the horse

Black Jack

16 Y.O. Quarter Horse - Black Jack has a friendly, kind soul and has been a trail horse his whole life.

Dakota Trail Horse


15 YO Thoroughbred raced in Kentucky then became a hunter jumper for several years before becoming a trail horse for us.

Macy the horse


Macy is a 17 YO Belgian. She worked on an Amish farm her entire life until she came to us 6 months ago. She is an amazing trail trail horse.

Willie the horse


17 YO Tennessee Walking Horse. Willie was a former show horse.

Billy Jack Trail Horse

Billy Jack

21 YO Standardbred. Was a Sulkey Racer early in his life but has been a trail horse for many years.



Cooper is a 13 YO Standard Bred. He was a Sulkey Racer in his early years and has been a trail horse for the past 8 years.



Gypsy is a 17 year old Tennessee Walker gave up motherhood after foaling our horse Maverick and is one of our best kids trail horses.



Maverick- 12 YO Tennessee Walker, and son of our horse Gypsy.  We broke and trained him at 2 years old. He is an exceptional trail horse. Maverick is 17 hands tall.

Ready for a horseback riding adventure?

Join us for an adventure of Horseback Trail Rides and Good Family Fun. Located in Indian Trail, NC we're just a little ways down the road from Charlotte. Round up your posse, head on down, and get your Cowboy on for a day of riding horseback.

For Reservations, please call: (704) 992-1550

We care deeply about our four-legged friends.

The care and well-being of our horses is a serious matter to us. A veterinarian visits regularly to monitor and keep a close watch for any signs of abnormal behavior that would alert us of health issues. 

Questions? Let us know.

Have a question or special request? Curious about horseback riding or need to contact us? Are you ready to schedule a horseback adventure?

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